Prof Gavril Abramovich Ilizarov (1921-1992) was a doctor working in Kurgan Siberia of erstwhile USSR. He was not trained as a surgeon but he faced a wide variety of orthopedic problems. In those primitive conditions in 1950s he devised and developed a circular external fixator and his research led him to the techniques of bone lengthening. The theory is known as “tension stress or distraction histiogenesis. In simple words when a tissue is stretched in controlled manner new tissue like bone, muscle, artery and nerve is formed. He was a self taught orthopedic surgeon who created a magical principle which has revolutionized the treatment of non unions infected non unions and limb lengthening

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Bone Transport Humorus

¤ History of trauma 10 years back to RT arm followed by surgery nonunion Humerus with loose implants and massive swelling. [click here]

¤ Pre Operative X-Ray image, Right Humerus gap nonunion Humerus massive osteolysis and loose implants [click here]

¤ X-ray photograph showing bone transplant in progress [click here]

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Traumatic Bone gap

¤ Combined X-ray photograph with post Traumatic gap and affc Ilizarov Fixates, proximal tibial corticaty and oblique olive wires for bone transport. [click here]

¤ Combine X-ray photograph, with Regenerate and healed dockiy area and after removal of Ilizarov Fixates. [click here]

¤ Clinical photograph after removal of Ilizarov Fixates. [click here]

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Dr. Gavriil Abramovich Ilizarov (1921-1992)


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